March 28, 2010

Are you ready for Man v. Philly?

A favorite show of mine is Man v Food on the Travel Channel.  It is hosted by Adam Richman who travels the country visiting cities, small towns, etc to catch a taste of the town.  He ends the show with a challenge of some sort (super hot wings, 13 lb pizza, etc).  It's a great idea so I've decided to borrow the idea and begin Man v. Philly.  It's the same concept with a twist. Below are some of the ideas I have in mind.  The hope is that many people will join in the "tour" so it is not just me.  Please comment with your own ideas to tackle in Man v. Philly. Each episode of Man v. Philly will done in one day.

1. Cheesesteaks.  This is obvious, but could be fun.  We will visit numerous cheesesteak places (think 8-10) and vote on the best one, etc.

2. Taquerias - visit 8-10 taquerias in South Philly.

3. Street vendors - eat something at one street vendor in each center city neighborhood

4. Jose Garces - get something to eat at each Jose Garces restaurant

5. Belgian beer - one drink at each bar that specializes in Belgian beer.

6. Burger hop - a burger at the best burger joints (rouge, village whiskey, 500, etc).

7. South Philly Italian - eat at a bunch of Italian restaurants in South Philly.

What are your suggestions?  We also need a standard number for the places to visit.  For example, I was thinking the number of Philly neighborhoods. Maybe a number related to 1776.  Ideas?

So, who is joining me in Man v. Philly?


Paul E. Johnson said...

To me, you either have to start or end with cheese steaks. Maybe end, building up to ultimate Philly food.

I'm in - for at least some of these if you're taking volunteers.

Lou said...

I am in for this. I have some other ideas for tours. Gotta have cheesesteaks in there, But, a signature breakfast dish, beer, or appetizer would be fun. People should throw some ideas around. And, we are on mission- has to be done in one day. Hope to hear from you

Livia said...

I'd joing you for anything but the cheesesteaks. I'm still boycotting Geno’s for being owned by an ass.

How about sushi - trying several different establishments' philly roll?



farmers market food vendors

Philadelphia also has a surprisingly large number of ethiopian places. Do you want surprising?

Bradd said...

For the record, I will not include Geno's in any cheesesteak tour. Don't get me started on the owner of Geno's.

Lou said...

Yeah! really like Livia's ideas. this is starting to look good

rae said...

I want in!