March 11, 2010


We have long wanted to try the new Korean barbecue place, Miga.  We first noticed it the first time we were at Max Brenners.  I have never had Korean bbq before so it was something new to try.  I wish we had taken pictures or video as I am not sure many people actual know what Korean BBQ is (pics I found at the end of post).  In fact, when I called to make a reservation they asked if I we had plans to bbq. I figured everyone did.  Wrong.

Basically, Korean bbq means they cook your food at your table on an electronic grille looking device.  It is not hibachi as they only cook for you and no fancy cooks.  The waitress handles the cooking and it is real quick.  My expectation as we got started was that we would actually cook the food ourselves, but you do not, a least not at Miga. It looked like they had "grilles" at tables for 2 or 4, but I bet there were tables for more.  Many other tables did not have a grille, which means their food was cooked in the kitchen.

We had the mandu dumpling to start.  It was a normal dumpling although I really enjoyed the sauce it came with.  

For the main event we had the galbi and shrimp barbecue.  Galbi is marinated short rib, the most popular type of bbq.  The shrimp came first and thought we were given enough that it could have been good for a light meal. The galbi was quite good too and given a lot of it too.  Tender.  Both cooked in a matter of minutes on the grille.  The unique aspect of the Korean bbq is that is comes with 10-12 different sides/sauces (called banchan) ranging from radishes, carrots, lettuce wraps, seaweed, ginger, pasta to sweet and spicy sauces. Most were very good although a few didn't go well with the shrimp or meat.  I wish we had more sauces instead of vegetables.  The best part was making little lettuce wraps, hence my wish for more sauce variety.  

I would recommend Miga.  It's not a can't miss place, but good value for the price and experience.  I'd like to go back with a group of people.   

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