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Welcome to 22nd & Philly! This blog was conceived while sitting outside at D'Angelo's one Spring night in 2008, eating some of the best bruschetta in the world and loading up on carbs before the Broad Street Run. We realized that we go out to eat in Philly nearly every Friday night (sometimes more often) but didn't have any way to keep track of where we go, what we liked, etc. And when friends asked for recommendations, we had to dig deep into our brains to remember what we liked best. 

So here you have it - the account of two young professionals living in Center City Philadelphia who like to eat out and find new, fun places to explore. We're not trained food critics, wine snobs or journalists. We just know what we like.

On this blog, our goal is to share with others the simple man's review of a variety of places, from trendy bars to hidden gems, and BYOBs to beer festivals. Sometimes we'll even travel outside the great state of PA to review our experiences around the country and the world. We won't get into presentation, or be too picky about service. At the end of the day, if Bradd cleans his plate with a piece of bread, you know it was a good meal! 

22nd & Philly will always be a work in progress so enjoy the ride and we hope you learn a thing or two that you can use as you enjoy the great city of Philadelphia. 

Want to reach us? Leave a comment here or on any posts, or email us at editor @ 22ndandphilly.com

Disclosures: If something we write about was offered to us complimentary, we'll tell you upfront and then still give our honest opinion of it. And as far as comments go, feel free to share your likes/dislikes, recommendations and reactions, but please don't post anything offensive, obnoxious or to deceitfully advertise your own gig. We will take it down, promise.  

- Bradd and Kristy

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Jill Weber said...

Thanks for highlighting our great neighborhood! As you note, it has a bit of everything. Please do come by Rex 1516 and (hopefully!) add another glowing review. We also invite you to try Jet Wine Bar - which opened at 1525 South St. in November of 2010 and has been serving excellent food and drinks since (IMHO...).