April 11, 2010

Brunch at FARMiCiA

A few weeks I read Craig Laban's review of Green Eggs Cafe.  We haven't been to Green Eggs although will plan to do so at some point.  But, the idea of brunch on Easter Sunday sounded like a great idea!  We've heard good things about the brunch at FARMiCiA so off we went.

It was a beautiful morning so we were hoping that we might get a seat outside.  No luck though as others likely had the same idea. Kicking us while we were down, we were seated in the far back, right corner of the restaurant, which was very disappointing since we had made reservations and it was not overly crowded yet.  It also took about ten minutes for the waiter to even say hello.  We were not in a rush, but were anxiously waiting some mimosas. Brunch was off to a rough start, but quickly changed direction (even though the service stayed sub-par).

 We started off with the mimosas and I ordered coffee, which were both quite good. Kristy ordered the quesadilla, which is really a breakfast burrito.  It was huge and is stuffed with eggs, cheese, potatoes and chorizo.  I thought it could have a bit more punch to it, but it was quite good and Kristy enjoyed.  She was able to eat about half and took the rest home. 

I had a omelet and one pancake.  I went for the goat cheese and herbs omelet.  It was good, but I now know that I'd rather have cheddar and bacon omelettes.  The pancake was the best part.  Light and fluffy with a touch of sweetness.  If/when we go back I'd go with the pancakes or try the french toast.  

Verdict.  We would both suggest for brunch and trust the service issues were an anomaly rather than the norm.  I would like to go back for dinner since I like supporting and trying places that support  local farmers/producers.   

The best brunch place we've been to is still Honey's by a long shot, but I am excited about the growing brunch scene in Philly.  Brunch is not something we do every week, but it is the perfect event to casually meet up with some friends or family.  

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Rebecca said...

Their french toast is ridiculously amazing! I saw on the menu you could get 2 or 4 slices. I didn't think 2 slices could be enough but they use this HUGE bread and cut it in half diagonally so 4 slices was really about as much as 8 slices of regular bread.

I can imagine not getting the best service there (even though it was fine when I went) and that it can get crowded at popular times, but I really enjoyed the freshness of the food and the atmosphere.

I've also been there for lunch and that was delicious as well.