April 18, 2010

D'Angelo's Ristorante Italiano

 D'Angelo's takes this blog back to the beginning.  The genesis for 22nd & Philly came while we were sitting outside enjoying a meal at  D'Angelo's.  Read the first post here. That was in May of 2008.  It's a complete coincidence, but we headed back to  D'Angelo's again on a recent Friday night almost two years to the day.  And we didn't realize until now that we never reviewed D'Angelo's.  So here goes.

D'Angelo's is a solid Italian restaurant.  We sat outside the first time we went, but this time it was chilly so we sat inside.  Neither of us realized how big the place is inside.  Downstairs is a bar and upstairs is the main seating area.  It's a nice atmosphere although we got stuck in the back corner much like FARMiCiA.  Two in a row...

Since you can't have an Italian meal without wine, Kristy had the chardonnay and I had the pinot noir.  Nothing special even though we are not picky wine drinkers.  I thought the price of $9 a glass was a bit steep.  

We both thought the bruschetta was amazing during the first visit so we ordered again. The tomatoes didn't have much flavor, which I hope is not a sign of things to come this tomato season.  The bruschetta is different than others as it is smothered in mozzarella and sauce.  It is good though and both of us would recommend.

I went with the penne arrabiata.  I also had this two years ago.  It is still very good.  The sauce passed my "did i clean the plate with bread test" with flying colors.   The sauce has a nice kick.  Excellent.  

Kristy had the tortellini again. Yes, we both went the same dish from out first visit.  The sauce again passed the clean plate test.  The tortellini was a bit undercooked though.  

Consider  D'Angelo's a nice neighborhood Italian restaurant.  The only drawback is that is not a BYOB.  The wine is too expensive when the restaurant is not any better than any nearby BYOB.  Can save yourself some bucks by going to other simple BYOBs such Caffe Casta Diva, La Baia, Salento, among others.

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Christy said...

I've wanted to try this place - thanks for the heads up! Always love reading your blog!