May 12, 2010

The Summer of Kristy - can you handle it?

Oops. I kind of disappeared in 2010, in case you didn't notice that Bradd has written every post since January. I switched jobs at the end of the year and am getting my master's degree, so its been a busy couple months...

Anyhoo, I'm back. Just in time for The Summer of Kristy. Coined by Bradd on the night before my last grad class this semester, this is my last summer before turning 30 and its going to be all about having good times with good people. And that means more restaurants, more bars and more posts. I promise.

Cheers to that.

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Anonymous said...

I just also got back into blogging...and also stopped in January, I know how it is to just get to busy, but I'm excited about writing and exploring Philly. Since I recently moved here, do you have any recommendations from a locals perspective?