December 7, 2014

Why P&S Ravioli Company Led Me Eat Three Hoagies in One Week

Leave the ravioli, take the hoagie.

That Godfather-inspired quote came to mind after several visits to P&S Ravioli Company (or do they call the stores P&S Deli?) to try the Spicy Godfather and eventually the traditional Italian hoagie.

Made with this hoagie hunter in mind, the freshly sliced heapings of hot capicola, hot soppressata and sharp provolone on a Liscio's roll combine to make the Spicy Godfather one of the best sandwiches of 2014.

The Spicy Godfather will make you an offer you can't refuse.

Adding sweet and vinegary roasted peppers to the saltiness of the sharp provolone tapers some of the heat, but some bites would definitely still have been too hot for Kristy.

My first trip to P&S only included the Spicy Godfather (recommended by a friend, who ordered for us) but since it is technically not a traditional Italian sandwich, I had to bite the bullet and make another trip. Woe is me!

P&S Italian Hoagie
On my second visit, my initial reaction to the Italian hoagie was to crown P&S the leader of Hoagie Quest, my ongoing search for the best Italian hoagies in Philadelphia. The Italian combined everything needed for greatness - quality meats piled high, thick-cut cheese, sliced onions, a crusty, soft roll and no mayo - all within a South Philly neighborhood vibe.

But champions are not crowned after just one bite, so once again I had little choice than to continue this hoagie gorge by visiting P&S as well as current Hoagie Quest leaders Salumeria and Paesano's again to compare.

After stuffing myself with so many great hoagies for a week, I'm not ready to place P&S alone at the top, but the sharp Italian should be added to your short-list of go-to sandwiches in Philadelphia.

P&S serves small and regular hoagies for a mere $4.25 and $7.25 (for comparison the Daddy Wad at Paesano's is $9). My suggestion is to order a small sharp Italian and a Spicy Godfather, so that with enough willpower, unlike me, you will have leftovers or enough for someone else to taste.

You can also skip the South Philly trek as P&S has several suburban locations. My first taste of the Spicy Godfather was in Havertown so I can vouch for the quality control.

One last look at the Spicy Godfather


Jade said...

Oh wow!! I need to go and try this hoagie. I just tried the Italian hoagie from Gooie Louie's again, but this is sounds a thousand times better.


Jamie S. said...

love that spot