December 13, 2013

Salumeria Kicks Off Hoagie Quest In Style

The bar has been set for Hoagie Quest.

The Italian Hoagie at Salumeria in Reading Terminal Market is as good as any I've ever had.

Just how good was it?

It was so good that I wrapped up half and took it with me on vacation in the Poconos just so my dad could try a bite. And it traveled just fine.

The roll had the perfect soft inside / firm outside blend that did not result in hoagie jaw, an infliction that I hope doesn't become too common on Hoagie Quest.

Salumeria doubles as a cheese and meat shop (a good trick when looking for a good hoagie). The result is a hoagie packed with capicola, mortadella, salami and prosciutto. The provolone is sharp, but not overpowering.

Readers suggested ordering it with house dressing. Thankfully I listened. The dressing is the real kicker of the hoagie even though I normally prefer only oil. You must order it with the dressing.

Hoagie Quest is on folks! Stay tuned.

If you have a suggestion, leave a comment. You can email or tweet us pics of your own favorites too. We'll be sure to share them.

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Sherm said...

Salumeria is on my "must-try" list, but it's always hard narrowing down what things to try when there's so much great food at the RTM. Soon, though. Anyway, if you ever make it out to the 'burbs, A Cut Above deli in Newtown Square makes one of the best Italian hoagies I've ever had.

Bradd said...

Thanks, Sherm. RTM is definitely food paradise, but be sure to check out Salumeria. Border Springs is another favorite.

We'll plan to make an excursion to A Cut Above Deli. Thanks for the tip.