September 22, 2013

Podcast with Craig Rogers, Founder of Border Springs Farm

If you read our last post on Border Springs Farm, you know we’re big fans of their lamb sandwiches.

Our curiosity was piqued to find out more about the people behind this great new addition to Reading Terminal Market. What started as a phone interview meant for a short Q&A with founder Craig Rogers turned into 22nd & Philly’s first ever podcast.

Craig's passion for lamb, his farm and Philly shine through. You’ll gain a greater appreciation for Reading Terminal and learn some interesting tidbits including:

1. Why the Border Springs t-shirt has the tagline "more than a great rack"
2. How Border Springs is aiming to educate Americans on the heritage of lamb
3. Which local market is a carnival for the senses
4. How to cook lamb with three simple ingredients
5. The best part of the lamb to eat
6. Craig’s favorite Border Springs sandwich and why
7. The event that is the most awesome potluck of food and drink ever assembled in a sheep pasture
8. What it means to get called up the major leagues of food markets

Enjoy and please let us know what you think.

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