September 8, 2013

Border Springs Farm: The Baa-st New Sandwich in Philadelphia

You can buy from the meat counter, too
The next great sandwich place in Philadelphia has arrived.

Border Springs Farm in Reading Terminal Market has reignited the chase for the top spot on Sandwich Quest. Their lamb sandwiches are simply put → awesome.

How good? Well, we started with one sandwich each and subsequently ordered a third to split (really for me to eat) because the first two were so good but writing about only two just didn't seem right. In the end, the Root Beer BBQ, "Name That Sandwich" and Pulled Lamb Shoulder are all worth getting. Like, now.

Note: The "Name that Sandwich" is really a gyro, but since Olympia Gyros is RTM's exclusive gyro provider, it can't be called as such. For now, Border Springs is open to other suggestions. 

Lamb shoulder with piri piri sauce

In a very close call, my favorite sandwich at Border Springs was the lamb shoulder, which tops a mound of moist, pulled meat with piri piri (a hot pepper sauce, but it's barely spicy), tucks crushed potato chips underneath and is served on a toasted brioche. The piri piri gives the sandwich a really unique and memorable flavor you just don’t get with other sandwiches. You will not find another bite like this around Philadelphia.

Kristy’s favorite was the Root Beer BBQ. She's had a few disappointing pulled pork sandwiches around Philly lately but this lamb variety hit the spot with tender pulled meat lathered in a simple, savory sauce. It's made with A&W root beer, too, nothing fancy, but delicious. We watched the chef ladle gobs of it right out of a big plastic container onto her sandwich.

Root Beer BBQ pulled lamb sandwich, so stuffed all the meat you see in the background squeeze out. 

The gyro was also the best we've had in the city, albeit we haven't tried that many if you have other recommendations. The meat was tender, tasty and when combined with the warm pita, tzatziki sauce, cucumber, tomato and onion, it was everything we wanted out of a gyro.

"Name That Sandwich" stuffed gyro

The one drawback at Border Springs is the price. The non-breakfast sandwiches cost at least $9.50.

Stay tuned for a future post that will feature our first ever podcast interview with Craig Rogers, the owner of Border Springs Farm. You don't want to miss this one, he has a great story and perspective on growing and serving good food.

After shot. Warning: You're going to need a lot of napkins.

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