September 27, 2013

5 Philly Brunch Photos of the Week

Happy Friday food-loving friends. Here are some Friday Food Photos for you, honoring delicious brunches we've had around Philadelphia recently. 

Talula's Daily opened this summer just off Washington Square. The next two photos show you one of their big slices of quiche, enjoyed at a sidewalk table overlooking the square, and a ham n' brie croissant, eaten inside at one of Talula's rustic wooden tables. You can also get sandwiches, baked goods, meat/cheese and other quick bites here, as well as a seasonally-inspired, ever-changing, five course dinner. 

Cafe Lutecia, a little french cafe at the corner of 23rd & Lombard, is beloved from Fitler Square to the 'burbs. We've heard of people coming all the way in from the Main Line just to eat brunch here. Pick a croque madame (below + tea and coffee), breakfast sandwich, quiche or soup (tomato bisque is best) off the simple menu, grab an old copy of Paris Match and check out of reality for a while...

Only a couple blocks from Cafe Lutecia is Gavin's Cafe at the corner of 25th & Pine. Run by Argentinian chef Jezabel Careagatwo featured items at Gavin's are the daily empanadas and the alfajores. The empanadas are a fun treat for any time of day and a nice alternative for brunch. On an occasional Friday night Gavin's stays open and serves them along with frozen mint lemonade for a BYOB dinner (bring rum to make a mojito). The alfajores are shortbread cookies with dulce de leche filling and grated coconut on the outside. I LOVE THEM. I heard recently that they sell mini versions now too, but honestly, just get a large. You'll want the whole thing plus a few more to take home.

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