July 22, 2013

Sandwiches at Reading Terminal Market

Over the next several weeks, we’re going to write about some sandwiches in Reading Terminal Market, my go-to spot for Sandwich Quest and one of our overall favorite places to eat in the city.

Because the in RTM options can be overwhelming, it's easy to just pick the popular spots and neglect others. Therefore, this series will spotlight some lesser known stands, some old favorites and what we think is the next great sandwich stand in Philadelphia.

Stay tuned for the first two reviews tomorrow.

In case you missed our previous blog posts about sandwiches at Reading Terminal Market, check out our review of DiNic's Roast Pork and the Train Wreck Po Boy from Beck’s Cajun CafĂ©.

RTM Sandwich Quest Posts:

1. Hershel's and Original Turkey
2. Pennsylvania Dutch Sandwiches
3. The Best Cheesesteak in Reading Terminal
4. Border Springs Farm
5. Salumeria

Train Wreck Po Boy from Beck's

Meatball sandwich from DiNic's

Classic DiNic's roast pork, half with broccoli rabe, half with long hots


Alyssa said...

The best sandwich is the Italian hoagie at Salumeria.. hope you guys review it!! :)

Enzo said...

I still have some great memories of my trip out there and the Classic DiNic's roast pork with with broccoli rabe. . . worth the drive !!

TR Michaels said...

I agree wholeheartedly with Alyssa, Salumeria for the win.

22nd & Philly said...

Thanks for the comments. The Italian hoagie at Salumeria has been on the list for awhile, but we unfortunately have not been yet. We're never ones to turn down a Sandwich Quest and will aim to work it into this series.

Thanks for the push!