August 8, 2010

Best of Philly To-Do List... and Yogorino

Since moving into Philadelphia about four years ago, I have really enjoyed reading Philadelphia Magazine for its new ideas of things to do and places to eat, hearty (and somewhat snooty) gossip, and extensive local feature stories. The biggest issue each year is the annual "Best of Philly" edition, which showcases the best food, drinks, shops, activities, people and more that Philadelphia and the surrounding 'burbs have to offer.

The 2010 Best of Philly list just came out, so today I settled into a shady bench in Rittenhouse Square to carefully read every review and start my own new to-do/eat/see list. Here's what I picked off the Best of Philly for 22ndandPhilly to check out in the coming months:

Fish - It's right down the road from 22nd Street (a.k.a. us) and Best of Philly listed it as the best new restaurant. We've walked by and peaked at the menu a few times, but will have go check it out now.
Ko Zee Doo - New Portuguese spot in Northern Liberties, named best new BYOB.
Le Virtu - Italian restaurant on Passyunk that supposedly has incredible pasta (just say duck ragu and we're there).
Paesano's - Italian sandwiches at 9th & Christian.
Stogie Joe's - Philly Mag says they have the best tomato pie. And Bradd loooooves tomato pie.
Supper - Foodie friends recently named this spot on South Street their current favorite. Philly Mag says it has the best bar snacks. And I looooove bar snacks.
Kanella - Recently went to the Greek BYOB for dinner and it was alright, but I still want to go back for brunch, which Best of Philly says is #1.
Garces Trading Company - We've stopped in to see it and buy wine, but I definitely want to go back and eat sometime.
Amis - Marc Vetri's newest got a Best of Philly nod for "power snacking." I like feeling powerful, plus we loved every bite of food at Vetri a few months ago, and my Vetri-groupie boss gave Amis a great review.
Dante & Luigi's - Best old school Italian. 'Nuff said.
Fork - I pass by Fork all the time but never think to eat there. Philly Mag gives it props for the best charcuterie.
Silk City - Been there late night for dancing (super fun, good music, but it quickly heated up to about 300 degrees and everyone got all sweaty and gross). Philly Mag says it has the best outdoor dining. It looks fun from the outside on Spring Garden St. 

One more spot would have made it onto this list - Yogorino, named the best frozen yogurt - but it was hot in the park and I got inspired reading the Best of Philly issue so I dashed over to 20th Street and grabbed a cup before I continued reading. Yogorino only offers the traditional, Greek-style flavor but then you can pick a slew of toppings. Philly Mag raved that its the smoothest and richest yogurt out there. I will say that it was much better than Sweet Endings (which I thought was pretty nasty) but I still wasn't thrilled. FroYo to me should taste like ice cream but smoother. Maybe thats just the Americanized version, but oh well, thats what I like. This "mini" size at Yogorino cost me $3.00 but don't let this pic fool you. The bottom half of the blue cup is curved, so it only holds about an inch of ice cream. The fresh strawberries and chocolate shavings I added helped, but I wouldn't go back. I miss my hometown shop, Denville Dairy!

Thank you Best of Philly for all these new ideas!


Unknown said...

Re:Kanella's Cyprus Breakfast - Ryan D'Agostino, an editor at Esquire sang it's praises on an episode of Food Network's Best Thing I Ever Ate. I have yet to try it, but it's definitely on the To Do list.

Anonymous said...

oh yeah? very cool. we definitely have to get there for brunch one day soon. When we did dinner we ate outside, but I'd like to eat inside and experience the decor too.