August 12, 2010

22nd & Philly Best of List - Individual Dishes

The Best of Philly to-do list post was easily one of our most popular posts, which got us thinking about our own Best of Philly list.  Friends, family members, neighbors and others always ask us for recommendations.  Namely - what is your favorite restaurant.  We usually stumble our way through an answer since we don’t have a single favorite restaurant (well maybe Zahav).  This is what makes a best of list so perfect.  Favorites depend on the type of food, occasion, atmosphere desired, etc. 
This is our list of the best individual dishes in Philly, in no particular order. Please tell us your own favorites. 
  1. Hiramasa at Distrito. This is a yellowtail ceviche in an orange habanero sauce. I’ve had this numerous times and each time I am amazed.  It is simply awesome.  Save yourself the time and order two. I attempted to make this the famous birthday dinner.
  2. Conejo con Castanas at Amada.  This is braised rabbit pasta.  I had this about a month ago.  How good was it?  I was full and ordered another.  That’s right.  I ordered it twice!
  3. Candele w/wild boar at Osteria.  It’s been several years since we’ve been to Osteria, but I remember this dish vividly.  Likely the best pasta I’ve ever had.  Forget the pizza at Osteria - get this!  I took at look at the menu recently and this dish is not listed.  Hopefully it returns soon.
  4. The Breakfast.  This was at Gayle, which has closed.  I am not a dessert guy (i.e. give me another main course), but this was easily the best dessert in my life.  
  5. Spicy dry rub wings at Devil’s Alley.  These wings fall off the bone and the cucumber sauce surprisingly goes well.  I’ve taken many friends to Devil’s Alley and no one comes away disappointed.
  6. French onion soup dumplings at Continental.  No explanation needed.  Everyone loves them so just go and order them.
  7. Sicilian pizza at Sarcone's.  For a best of item, it is embarrasing that I've only had it once 5 years ago!  What's wrong with me?  Easily the best pizza I've had in Philly - not even close.  You have to get there early though because they only make it once and after it's sold out, that's it for the day.   I do get pepperoni rolls from Sarcone's at Di Brunos several times a month. 
  8. Lamb chops at Salt & Pepper.  First lamb chops I ever had and still the best.  And yes, I've tried many since.  Owned by a friend, Salt & Pepper is one of favorite places.  Sadly, we've never reviewed (maybe we are hoping to keep it our own little secret).  


Anonymous said...

Sizzling mussels @ Meme are fantastic!

Bradd said...

we had a terrible experience at Meme several years ago. One day we'll go back and when we do we'll try the mussels.