July 25, 2010

22nd & Philly Goes Three Sheets

A while back I wrote about one my favorite shows, Man v. Food and the goal of doing Man v. Philly.  One of my other favorite shows is Three Sheets.  A quick recap if you are not familiar:  The host, Zane Lamprey, visits cities around the world and explores the drinking culture, unique bars or special drinks of the city.  Without the show I never would have known about the Venetian Spritz before visiting Venice.

This weekend 22nd & Philly goes Three Sheets with our own take on the show.  We'll visit some special Philly locations to give everyone a short glimpse of the Philly drinking culture and unique places.  The itinerary is penciled in, but we are open to your suggestions of places to visit.  Remember, it has to offer some story about Philly, be unique, have some history, etc.  Let us know your thoughts.

Check back for a recap of our Three Sheets weekend and don't worry Man v. Philly will happen at some point so stay tuned.

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