July 18, 2010

Tiki Bar at Spring Mountain

Growing up, friends and classmates always talked about recent visits to Spring Bump, aka Spring Mountain ski area in Spring Mount, Pa (out in the burbs).  The summer brings a reincarnation that is a must visit - the Tiki Bar.

My parents discovered the place several years ago with some friends and we now make an annual summer visit.  It’s a perfect summer bar location hidden away in the woods away from highways and all the noise.  It is set-up to be an outdoor bar with fake palm trees, a small lake and a giant outdoor deck.  But, the main attraction is the outdoor grills used for cooking your own food.  That’s right.  Giant grills to cook your own meat – steaks, kebabs, chicken, tuna, salmon and gator (yes, alligator).

The place is a home run.  It is somewhat expensive considering you cook your own food, but you pay for the atmosphere.  The grills have every spice and sauce you can imagine and part of the fun is mixing and matching them into your own special marinade.  It is fun to see what others are doing too.  Grilling novices can ask for help, but you really cannot go wrong.

I always get the Big Azz – a monster NY strip steak.  They have other cuts too.  The gator seems to be a favorite, if only for the novelty.  People say it tastes like a mix of chicken and pork. 

The beer selection is expansive.  While the tap selection is small, they have a good list of micro brews and other known brands via bottle.  When someone orders a hurricane, a loud bell is rung and the whole bars cheers.

I highly recommend the Tiki Bar, especially for an event with friends.  Three years ago we had 5-6 people at the first event.  This year we had about 30.  More and more people hear about the Tiki Bar and want to join us.  Remember to have a designated driver since the beer flows fast when grilling.  It is great place with a great atmosphere.

The do-it-yourself concept of making your own food is expanding.  I’ve heard about a brewery that lets you make your own beer – you pick the ingredients and they brew it. There is also a bar where you can pour your own beer. Or you can watch Cosmo Kramer explain a pizzeria where you make your own pizza.  Personally, I think few can beat the concept of the Tiki Bar. Everyone wants to be a grillmaster or at least can try to be.

Visit Tiki Bar on Facebook here.  Grill pic below.

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Sarah Terranova said...

Your parents took us here when we visited --it was a great time! Cool concept.