May 30, 2008

Stephen Starr's Morimoto

We went to Morimoto last Friday night to take advantage of a gift certificate I had been given at Christmas time. I'd been want to go there for several years so I was glad to finally get the "experience." We got the "namakse" (or something like that) which was the chef's tasting of food, and seemed like the best option. Otherwise, if we just picked off the menu, I know I'd end up just eating food I knew I would like, and probably miss out on some great food.

The items we were given from the chef were almost all fish and really tasty, different stuff than I'd ever had, but in the end didn't really fill me up. I felt like I could still eat a piece of pizza by the time we left. I suppose that's kind of the point - not over-stuffing yourself like other restaurants do.

We went with the cheapest tasting option - $80 per person - but you can go up to $100 and $120 per person which means you'll get fancier foods like lobster. Might have been worth it to just fork over the extra $40 total for the next level of namakase, but oh well. Add in a couple drinks each, and it was still a pricey meal, even with the $100 gift certificate.

Definitely a restaurant to try when you are celebrating something or willing to not worry about the price for a night.


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Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, I'm not trying to be mean-spirited or rude but this blog is pretty worthless.

You get the Japanese name of the tasting menu wrong, you speak very little about the food and you seem surprised that "The items we were given from the chef were almost all fish".

I read a few other reviews just to make sure I didn't have it all wrong.

- Your chief complaint about Brauhaus Schmitz is that it doesn't have benches. Really? It's not an open-air biergarten. I don't know that they ever claimed to be a biergarten. A beer hall & restaurant....yes.

- You couldn't be more wrong about Garces Trading Company in my opinion.

"...the bulk of the space is for reserved sit-down seating, which looked to be waitress served rather than do it yourself."

Yeah it's called a dining room. Do it yourself? Huh? Have you looked at the menu? It's strange that it seems like you were expecting a buffet or a cafeteria.

Having a hard on for DiBruno's is fine...but the market at GTC is certainly nothing to sneeze at and having a "more Spanish feel" can be a very good thing.

- Then you pour on the praise for a place like Wishing Well, which is mediocre at best!

You obviously have a passion for Philly food and I give you credit for taking the initiative for starting a blog but your tastes seem pretty unrefined and it all comes off very amateurish.