June 20, 2016

A Sandwich Quest to Cleavers Cheesesteaks in Center City

On a recent Sandwich Quest we visited Cleavers, a new cheesesteak shop a few blocks from Rittenhouse Square. According to Philly Insider, the four partners come from families who run a meat manufacturing company and have been in the restaurant business for years. Sounds like the fearsome foursome of cheesesteak creators!

Cleavers is a classic, made-to-order cheesesteak shop that uses prime USDA ribeye (most use a lower grade beef) that is neither sliced nor chopped to bits, but a sort of combo of the two. You'll be hard pressed to find a cheesesteak with more meat, except maybe Ray's in Lansdale. It's truly a monster that deserves kudos considering far too many shops skimp on the meat.

Overall, it's a high-quality cheesesteak, but still has room to improve as the meat was a bit stiff and the fried onions did not add enough of a sweet, caramelized flavor.  While it's nice to have an above average cheesesteak option in Center City, we'll continue to suggest John's Roast Pork and Spot Burger as our two favorite cheesesteaks.

As an aside, the Parmesan waffle fries were a hit, served in a hefty portion for only $4. The rest of Cleavers' menu includes a variety of more creative cheesesteaks, chicken sandwiches and veggie options, a variety of fries and other fried sides.

*Kid friendly? Yes fine for kids, ours ran around and made a mess!

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