April 1, 2012

The Best Cheesesteak in the Philadelphia Suburbs?

What’s the best cheesesteak in Philadelphia? It’s a debate that has raged for decades. We haven’t stepped into the conversation on this blog mostly because we do not have a strong opinion, plus enough other locals have opined ad nauseam.

However, I can tell you the best cheesesteak in the Lansdale, Pa. area - the one that I’ll plan an entire day around getting - the cheesesteak at Ray's Pizzeria & Restaurant.

My mouth waters just thinking about making the trip to my hometown to get one. Ray’s delivers on all the key attributes of a great cheesesteak, including a good roll, quality steak and being made fresh to order.

The amount of meat stuffed into the roll compared to other good cheesesteaks is what I love most about Ray’s, though. Nothing disappoints me more than when a cheesesteak is not filled with enough meat. This happens more often than you think. Come on folks, fill 'er up. And yes, that can even include the likes of Pat’s, Geno’s, Jim’s, etc.

Just look at this shot - it's stuffed to brim.

Cheesesteak from Ray's Pizzeria & Restaurant

As you can see, I order my cheesesteak from Ray’s with sauce and onions. It's how my family has ordered at Ray’s for as long as I can remember and I stick with tradition. The sweetness of the red sauce is a perfect complement to the American cheese. Ray's also uses a healthy dose of onions, cut thick instead of chopped thin.

If you go to Ray's, order a large so you have some leftovers. A cold, leftover Ray’s cheesesteak is like discovering a $20 bill in your back pocket. You forget about it, but the next day you do a little victory dance when you find it.

The cheesesteak in these photos was crushed in about three minutes. I had planned to share some with my parents, but it was gone before I knew it. Or so I told them... Better hurry up to Ray's before I crush yours, too.

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Meghann said...

So fun to see Rays on your list. I grew up in that area, but now live in Philly! Rays is a family favorite!

Doobies Bar said...

My mouth is watering for one as well! Boy it sounds good! Might have to make the drive...how do you feel about D'Alessandro's & Pagano's (Ogontz Ave)?

22nd & Philly said...

Thanks for the comment Meghann. Always good to know of others who grew in that area (and share a love for Ray's).

Doobies Bar - we have not been to Pagano's. I've been to D'Alessandro's, but it was years ago. Do you recommend them?

Doobies Bar said...

Yes, I like them both. If you go to D'Alessandro's, make sure to ask for the Grannies (hot peppers) & if you go to Pagano's, expect to have at least another meal from one sandwich.

Jules said...

Love Rays! Going home is never a complete experience without Rays! Their Italian is something to rave about as well.

Derek Pillie said...

Just plain awesome - a trip home without a Ray's steak is just not really complete. It was the first cheesesteak I introduced my kids to and it is by far the best. I'm a sauce and onions guy myself and agree on the meat. Jersey Mike's comes the closest in Fort Wayne to replicating a "decent" cheesesteak, but you have to double the meat to get close. So great to find this blog, keep up the great work guys!