April 18, 2015

40 Local Food Blogs to Follow Around the World

If you're anything like us, food is a very important part of your travel plans. Whether we're on the road for work or flying halfway across the world for fun, we always try to sample the best local food.

That's why the coolest thing about traveling to London, San Francisco and New Orleans with Chowzter over the past two years has been meeting all the other contributors from around the world. They write blogs, run tours and share incredible photos of the local food/culture that we're dying to experience.

Even better, we've realized that they are just like you and me - regular people who love to eat/drink, love their cities and love the communities that are built around food. That's the perspective we trust and want to lead us to our next meal.

If you're traveling to any of the following cities this summer, please check out these great local writers we've met for their posts, videos, podcasts, tweets, instagrams, etc. with ideas on what to eat. And remember that much of what they write about are "fast feasts" - not fast food and not fine dining, but all the great local, affordable dishes in between (can you say Rotolo?) And if you don't see your destination city here, check out Chowzter.com and their new video site www.foodiehub.tv for quick suggestions in about 100 other cities.

Best croissant in Paris at Grenier a Pain,
as told by Paris blogger Mathilde!
North America:

Austin - Man Up Texas BBQ
(great name! he does BBQ tours too)
Buffalo - Buffalo Eats
Charleston - Charleston Food Bloggers
(check out his video of San Francisco, too)
Chicago - Roam & Home
Dallas - FoodBitch
Detroit - The Hungry Dudes
Houston - Urban Swank
Los Angeles - Gourmet Pigs  
New York - Feisty Foodie
Orlando - Tasty Chomps
Portland - Talk. Eat. Drink. Portland.
(middle school teachers write on happy hours!)
Queens - Chopsticks & Marrow
San Diego - Kirbie's Cravings   
San Francisco - FoodHoe's Foraging
Savannah - Savannah Foodie
Seattle - The Gastrognome
St. Louis - St. Louis East and Drinks
Toronto - Food Junkie Chronicles  
Vancouver - Follow Me Foodie
Washington, DC - Capital Cooking

Around the World:

Bankok, Thailand - Thai Street Food
Barcelona, Spain - Forever Barcelona (hosts food tours!)
Baja California and western Mexico - A Gringo in Mexico
Beirut - No Garlic No Onions
Bristol, England - Bristol Bites
Buenos Aires, Argentina - Pick Up the Fork
Caracas, Venezuela - Milsabores
Dubai - Ishita Unblogged
Glasgow, Scotland - The Glasgow Food Blog
Hanoi, Vietnam - Sticky Rice
Istanbul, Turkey - Istanbul Food
Jakarta, Indonesia - Eats and Treats
London, England - Eat Like a Girl
Manila, Philippines - Our Awesome Planet
Mumbai, India - Finely Chopped
Paris, France - Mathilde's Cuisine
Puebla, Mexico - All About Puebla
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - Eat Rio
Seoul, South Korea - Seoul Eats
Singapore - Camemberu
Sydney, Australia - Simon Food Favourites
All around Latin America - New World Review

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