June 5, 2014

The Scoop on Philly's New Underground Supper Club, Runaround Sous

Underground supper clubs can be one of a city's best kept dining secrets. They take you out of the regular restaurant routine and often bring you up close and personal with a chef. But how do you find out about these "underground" events?"

Well, we've got the scoop on one of Philadelphia's newest supper clubs called Runaround Sous. It's held monthly for 20 people and cooked by one of Philly's hottest chefs, or - even better - their sous chefs, who probably cook a lot of the great food you eat at restaurants but you never hear about them. For $75 per person, you get a five-course meal, a totally different dinner experience, and a great way to make new foodie friends.

Runaround Sous guests are spread out between the living room, kitchen and roof deck of a row house to dine, but you can hang around the kitchen to watch the chef cook, take photos, ask questions, etc. as much as you'd like. It's also BYOB but you'll find out the menu in advance, along with wine pairing from the attending sommelier.

We attended the second installment of Runaround Sous over Memorial Day Weekend. Our dinner was with Chef Sylva Senat, best known for his time as executive chef at Tashan, who used flavors of the Caribbean, France, India and Asia to make us a fantastic meal. He's working on his own new restaurant concept right now, which we'll definitely be excited to try.

Here are some of the best photos, for more head over to our Facebook page. To find out about upcoming dinners, request to join the Runaround Sous Facebook group, follow on Twitter or email runaroundsous at gmail.com. The next one is on Tuesday, June 24. We recommend checking it out sometime!


Will said...

What is the URL for the facebook group? This is not working 'https://www.facebook.com/groups/226688770849285/'

Runaround Sous said...

Hi Will! Shoot us an email at RunaroundSous at gmail and we'll add you! Since the group is private, it doesn't always show through links.