June 1, 2014

Pizza and Beer Make the Right Summer Combo at Dock Street Brewery

If you haven't ventured up Baltimore Ave into West Philadelphia, it's worth a trip. A mix of African restaurants, the lively Clark Park, another installment of Little Baby's Ice Cream and more have made it yet another great food destination for Philadelphia, but one that's still largely under-hyped (kinda nice that way). 

One spot we've heard great things about for years is Dock Street Brewery. Finally on a perfectly warm night this spring our neighbors took us there for a pizza and beer feast under the stars. It's definitely a fun place for a group, not only because of the laid back atmosphere and big tables, but because more people = more pizzas to try. The four pies below (two large, two small) plus an appetizer was plenty of food for six people. All the pies come in large or small sizes.  

There are all sorts of unique ingredient combos to keep things interesting at Dock Street and distinguish it enough from so many other gourmet pizza + wine/beer joints around Philadelphia. This was certainly the first time we had mustard on a pizza! I loved the crust, too, always a critical factor. And of course Dock Street is a brewery so it offers a host of original and tasty beers to try. There are a number of seats out front on the sidewalk so try to score one this summer. Here's what we ate:

Appetizer: trio of regular fries, sweet potato fries and grilled leeks (the leeks were the real kicker here, such a great idea that we need to try at home):

Mellow Yellow Pizza: Brown mustard, creme fraiche, portobello, white mushroom, mozzarella, gruyere, topped with scallions:

So much more than just a Sausage pizza: Char-grilled sausage, roasted peppers, caramelized onion, garlic, mozzarella, fresh herbs (I forgot about the peppers and wasn't paying attention when the pizza arrived, so they were a pleasant surprise during my first bite!):

Flammenkuche Pizza: Creme fraiche, caramelized onion, applewood smoked bacon, gruyere, fresh herbs:

Can't leave without a good ol' Americana:

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Paul E. Johnson said...

Hmm, what kid of taste/consistency did the leeks have?

Kristy said...

Paul - they were crispy just like the fries! favorite part