April 24, 2013

Headed to London for Chowzter's International Food Awards

We are continually honored to know that people read our posts and thrilled to have met so many others through this blogging experience who are just as passionate about Philly and its good eats as we are. It’s why we write a Philadelphia food blog in the first place.

When we launched 22nd & Philly, however, we would have laughed at the idea that one day we'd have the chance to travel overseas and meet bloggers from all around the world.

Well, laugh no more since we’re off to London this week after being invited to a big awards party honoring the tastiest food items from around the world. The event is hosted by a new website and mobile app called Chowzter. We'll get to meet bloggers from Milan, Edinburgh, Ho Chi Minh, Paris, Mumbai, New York, Brussels, Seoul, Mexico City and more. Keep an eye out for tweets from across the pond all weekend (#ChowzterAwards) and photos when we get back.

If you know anyone in London, pass on the word or have them get in touch with us. Hosted by British comedian, Alexander Armstrong, the Chowzter awards are Sunday, April 28th at the Village Underground, London, EC2A 3PQ. Tickets are £25. Food will include dishes from London's best street food vendors, Big Apple Hot Dogs, Pizza Pilgrims, The Rib Man and Yum Bun, plus drinks of course.

So, what is Chowtzer?

It all starts with a simple question: When you're getting ready to travel to a new city, what is one of the first things you ask? If your answer is anything like ours, it goes something like... What should I eat? Where do the locals like to go to avoid tourists? I just want something simple; where can I get a good sandwich?

That's where Chowzter comes into play. It gives visitors and residents alike a quick n' easy list of what to eat in cities across the globe. And we're excited to announce that 22nd & Philly is the official Philadelphia contributor to Chowzter, advising these hungry people on what to eat in our great food city.

More on the Chowzter app launch when we get back... for now, cheerio!


kelly @ kellybakes said...

Congratulations, that's so exciting a) that you get to represent Philly as the official contributor and b) that you get to go to London! It's such a fantastic city! The fact that you were chosen just emphasizes all the hard work and detail you put into making your blog so great! Enjoy your trip!

John and Lisa Howard-Fusco said...

Wow - very cool!

Kristy said...

Thank you Kelly!!!

Kristy said...

Thanks John and Lisa!