April 17, 2013

Pizza Brain in Fishtown for Food & Fun

We are very excited about all the new pizza places opening in Philly. Our last pizza post was on Bufad at 13th and Spring Garden. Today, the infamous Pizza Brain!

Pizza Brain is two things: a great local shop for slices and full pies of straight up good pizza AND and home to the world’s largest collection of pizza memorabilia (as certified by the Guinness Book of World Records).

Forbes Waggensense
The red and white pies have a slew of funny names and creative toppings. We went with one classic, the Forbes Waggensense with mozzarella, fontina, grana padano, fresh basil and smoked pepperoni, and one inventive pie, the Queenie Delouche with fontina, goat cheese, mozzarella, shiitake mushroom, portabella mushroom, garlic, and fresh rosemary. These pies are BIG (16 in.) so two was plenty of food for four people.

The Forbes was unpretentiously awesome. Thin crust, fresh red sauce, tasty pepperoni and delicious basil. I'm originally from a NJ town close to New York and prefer the thin crust NY-style pizza. This was one of the first pizzas I've had in Philly that reminded me of that.

Queenie Delouche
The Queenie mushroom pizza threw us off a little because of the fontina, goat cheese and mozzarella mix. It wasn't what the group expected after reading the menu. We probably would have liked it better with a more traditional, simple cheese (or maybe just taking out the fontina?) since the mushrooms on their own were really good. Again, great crust.

Pizza Brain also rotates a couple big slices per day. I was starving and the full pies take a little time since they are spun, topped and baked upon order, so I got a slice of the Jane. It's Pizza Brain's basic red slice with mozzarella, aged provolone, grana padano, fresh basil. The slice was great but basically tasted like the Forbes without the pepperoni. So review the ingredients carefully if you're ordering a few things to make sure the pizzas are different enough. I want to go back again soon and try the Bernie Templeton (sharp white cheddar, mozzarella, seasonal potato, garlic, goat cheese, fresh rosemary, black pepper, scallion) or Bob Shieldsmoose (blue cheese, mozzarella, house roasted beef brisket, garlic, horseradish, black pepper, fresh rosemary).

The pizza museum part of Pizza Brain is good fun. It is really just the size of a normal pizza joint but the walls, shelves and even the floor are packed with pizza paraphernalia. Lots of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and other pizza-related toys that you'll remember from your youth, plus photos, posters, videos, and more.

Inside Pizza Brain: pizza memorabilia all over the walls and very friendly service

In addition to serving great pizza, Pizza Brain something fun and different to check out one night - weekday or weekend. We especially liked the community vibe as we watched Fishtown locals streaming in for to-go pizza and being greeted every time with warmth from the staff. It's also a BYOB and has Little Baby's Ice Cream (which is awesome) next door, so bring a bottle of wine and save room for dessert. Don't get discouraged if the few seats inside Pizza Brain are filled. You can still order and then go sit on the Little Baby's side to eat.

Where else have you had great pizza lately?

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