October 6, 2011

Night Market: Crepewalk

Crepewalk's veggie crepe from the Chinatown Night Market. Onion, red/green peppers, spinach, broccoli, cheese and feta sauce...

Ohhh the feta sauce, you made my night. Good crepe made even better with a delicious light sauce. LOT of onions, probably could have skipped a handful and gone with more peppers.

Here is the chef at work and some food shots. Sorry for the partially eaten shot but crepes don't look like much on their own!

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anniebaker said...

Mmm.... Yummy! I've tried this recipe today with few substitutions. I don't have a crepe in my area but you can replace it with a kind of a pancake but Russian style. It's unbelievably easy to make. You can check pics on my homepage. Basically, you go mixing old milk that runs out of the date (in post-soviet countries no one ever throws it in a garbage but make a lot of pies and dumplings as it works a kind of yeast mixture right on the day after using period). Then you mix it with a pinch of salt and flour. If you want to make Russian pancakes even lighter and create a lot of 'bubbles' you can substitute old milk with a sparkling water. The trick is to keep the mixture runny enough but yet not flourless to fry and flip not breaking it. VoilĂ !