April 3, 2011

Philly Food Bloggers Invade Supper

This Saturday we had the opportunity to meet and mingle with some fellow Philly food bloggers at a special event held at Supper. It was an excellent day of conversation while also having the opportunity to taste some select items on the Supper brunch menu.

Founder, chef and proprietor, Mitch Prensky, spent time with us and shared the concepts behind the items on the menu as well as for the restaurant. His passion for food stood out and likely explains why the food is so good and why the restaurant has become a local favorite. It was interesting to hear him talk about why it's harder to run a good "American" restaurant than any other type food because there's no set formula here. He takes ingredients we all already know, but blends together ideas/influences from New York, California and the South to come up with one, really unique dish. It made a lot of sense, and it made us realize that when we go to "American" places like Supper, Salt + Pepper or Matyson, we always particularly love the food because it's just a really amazing rendition of what we already like. Accomplishing that is harder than it seems.

Speaking of Supper's great good, we ate dinner there back in November and wrote up our review here. Mitch's wife and co-owner, Jen, told us that the lobster rolls are coming back on the menu soon, which is good because they were awesome.

Mitch is also really active in social media, still a fairly rare thing for great restaurants. He is great about re-tweeting and responding to people that talk about Supper. If you are on Twitter, follow him at @Supperphilly.

We encourage everyone to take a look at the blogs below for a few of the fellow food bloggers we met.  Each blogger has their own unique perspective and we were impressed with their passion for food and the experiences each has had. It was an honor to meet everyone in person and we look forward to future gatherings.

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8. The Pour Curator
9. NJ Epicurean
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13. Doris and Jilly Cook
14. South Jersey Locavore
15. Zagat Buzz

And here are some pictures of the meet up...

All the food we got to try was fantastic, but if you read our original post you'll see the Supper burger is one of my all-time favorites in Philly. All the brunch items shown above are great too - Dixie Biscuit, Pork Shoulder Dog, Red Velvet Waffles and Dock Street Porter Pancakes.

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