January 23, 2011

Best of the Weekend (with Photos!)

Lots of good stuff this weekend, here are five things that made it most exciting (for a foodie):

Naked Chocolate - Finally got to try the acclaimed hot chocolate here, along with a lovely little scone for breakfast. Full post to come later this week, but it was equal fun to just look at all the candies they sell. Exhibit A to your right: chocolate cell phones and iPods.

Best Pasta - Saturday night we checked Le Virtu off our Best of Philly To-Do list. Philly Mag gave it the "best pasta" nod and we have to agree it was quite delicious. Don't miss the goat meatballs appetizer if they offer it. It's served over polenta and with a great red sauce. Smart purchase too, with six good-sized meatballs for only $8.00. Tables were all taken up by reservations, but the bar (left) was a great alternative - cozy, plenty big enough for dinner and a lovely girl named Anna serving. Its section of Passayunk is also super cute, with several cozy-looking bars and restaurants and fun snowflakish lights along the road.

New Chance for Good Bagel - It is not a secret that Philadelphia is desperate for good bagel shops. I still find the coffee shop kiosk bagels at 30th Street Station the best, but soon we'll get to see if Spread Bagelry tops that. From the looks of the outside today, it should open soon at 20th and Manning. According to Meal Ticket, the plan has been in the works since at least June. I'm not sure if this Montreal-style thing will work for me every weekend, but I am excited to give it a try...

Awwwwww.... - I got a lovely hot stone massage at Toppers Spa today and on the walk home saw this sight to the left. A house wrapped in a big red bow!! For real! You always see those car commercials before Christmas where people wake up to a shiny new care in the driveway with a giant bow on it - but this is a HOUSE! There was no sign of people around so I assume the big reveal came earlier in the day (and hopefully before the ribbon broke) but what a neat idea. Good job to whoever thought of it and managed to find a bow big enough.

Homemade Chinese - Bradd whipped up some sesame chicken for Sunday dinner, and the healthy version at that. Food Network Magazine has a great recipe and it doesn't require breading and frying the chicken. Throw it on some white rice and steamed veggies and you have a perfect, warm Sunday meal.

Some more recommendations that came out of this weekend:

Pep Boys at Broad & Federal - Quick and easy inspection/oil change. Right near the subway so you aren't stranded waiting. Nice guy behind counter. Very easy to make your appointment online.

Artful Dodger - Good spot for a few (or more) casual beers on a Friday night. Small bar but it filled up quickly with a lively crowd, and they smartly put a thick curtain up in front of the door so you don't freeze to death every time someone comes in.

Curling up by the fire and trying to forget that tomorrow's high is 19 degrees...

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Absolutely! Love your blog idea. Just added you to our blogroll and plugged it on Twitter. Would appreciate the link love on your blog too! Once you have a handful of wing reviews under your belt, we'd love to interview you guys about your experience and favorites. Let's keep in touch.