January 27, 2011

Food Links: Philly Style

Another dose of food-related articles. This time all Philly-related. Enjoy.

1. Food writing at St. Joe's. A class at St. Joe’s about food writing and food culture. Looks to be a growing trend. A positive sign to me since people need to be engaged about food, food production and what they are putting into their bodies. 

2. 10 Places Like Italy. On the list - the Italian Market in Philly.  This is a list of 10 places that feel like Italy according to Sheryll Bellman, author of America's Little Italy's.   

3. Urban Farms in Philly.  Blog post from Beyond Green by Weaver's Way Co-op - a community-owned market.  Check them out.  

4. Food Trucks:  A few food trucks in Philly from Mobile Cravings.  Weak list so add to it if you know some.  

5. Boooooooo!!!  Ok, so this is not really Philly-related.  It's a list of America’s 10 best restaurant cities according to Esquire.  And no mention of Philly! Get with it Esquire. Still worth the look if you are planning to make any trips.  For me, it's another reason to make a visit Chicago.  

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