September 26, 2010

Your Dose of Food Links

Another collection of food related links (articles, recipes, trends, etc).  Enjoy!

1. Jose Garces on Nightline:  Famous Philly Iron Chef Jose Garces is profiled on Nightline.  Jose talks about his family  history, opening his first restuarant and a variety of other topics.  
2. Reducing food waste: Article from Slate on 10 ways to reduce your food waste.  As this article explains 40 percent of our food is lost in the food supply chain.  

3. No corkscrew?  Here’s how to open a wine bottle with a shoe!  I haven’t tried, but if you do let us know if it works.

4. Grilled Corn, Indoors. I love grilled corn in the summer.  Here’s how to grill corn indoors with fall and summer upon us.  

5. Philly Food Blogging Wars.  Despite leaving out 22nd & Philly, this is an excellent Philadelphia Mag article on the restaurant and foodie scene in Philly and the bloggers who battle it out for scoops and information.

6. Frozen food from big names.  Frozen foods coming to a grocery story near you from PF Chang’s, Jamba Juice and others.  A big trend - household names makes deals with giant food distributors to put their name and brand behind frozen food.  Do yourself a favor and leave it in freezer.  Take another 15 minutes and make it from scratch.

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