February 10, 2010

Smith's Restaurant and Lounge

It's a Friday after work. You call some friends and agree to meet up for some drinks and food. Where to go besides an overly-populated bar? Sound familiar. We are always searching for places with good drinks with atmosphere as my grandfather used to say.

We faced this decision last Friday when Kristy mentioned Smith's. For whatever reason I always forget about this place. We've been several times and I always come away impressed. It is a simple yet quality, place.

Smith's has a nice listing of beers on tap consisting of all the Yards beers as well as PBC (Walt Wit is fav of Kristy's). But, they also have a nice selection of others beers.

The food is decent too. The burger I had did the job. It is nowhere close to Village Whiskey, but good pub burger. I enjoyed the wings and our friends had the buffalo dip, which looked good. I had the hand carved turkey in the past. It was good albeit a bit "heavy."

In the end, you don't go to Smith's for the food only. It is a cut above a pub such as Irish Pub. You can sit and enjoy good drinks and food with friends.

Frankly, I enjoy the place and will be adding to my places to remember for get togethers on a Friday or Saturday night. I would recommend to anyone looking for a good time with friends over some beers and food.

One note. The TVs are in odd places so it is not the best place to watch a game, etc. It can be done, but I would suggest other places if you want to watch a game. Go to Smith's for good conversation, beer and food.

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