February 7, 2010

New Year's Fondue Celebration

For as long as I can remember, my parents and I (and sister) have had fondue after News Year's Day. . It is always a good time as we celebrate another year together! It was a pleasant surprise to see a food column in the Inquirer focused on fondue. Read here.

My parents have always certainly kept their hippie roots alive ( we also traveled the US for over a month in a VW van). Fondue is one of those traditions.

We have a simple menu of quality steak and hot dog. We have also had chorizo, sausage, kielbasa, etc. We now have two fondue pots - one is oil and the other is a wine broth. My mom makes a few rice dishes (a favorite of mine), breadsticks, salad and a range of sauces for dipping (butter, thousand island, sour cream). Add in a lot of wine, loud conversation, laughs, etc. and you have yourself a New Year's fondue!

Oddly, I love cheese and we have not had a cheese fondue at the New Year's celebration. next year.

I encourage everyone to try fondue on your own (not just at the Melting Pot) and start your own tradition around it. Food is best enjoyed with family, drink and tradition.

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