January 3, 2010


Considering Gayle was one of our favorite places, we have been itching to give Daniel Stern's new place MidAtlantic a go. It is a different experience than Gayle. As a restaurant/tap room, MidAtlantic is not as intimate and as expensive as Gayle. Nonetheless both of us enjoyed and would recommend.

The decor is interesting with big windows and an open kitchen. Youthful vibe. There is a decent sized bar and small table seating along with a standard dining room. You can also sit at seats in front of the kitchen, which seems to be the new trend. It also looked like you can get private seating for a bigger party if desired. The service was good.

The one drawback is the location. It is at 37th and Market Street and seemed all alone. It is a desolate area with not much activity in the neighborhood on a Saturday night. There is really no reason to be in the area besides going to MidAtlantic. I would have liked to see Stern pick a location closer to Distrito and The Bridge, which is a nice area and another quality restaurant like MidAtlantic would only add to the scene.

The appetizers were delicious. We had the MidAtlantic pig "wings" and the rarebit fondue and soft pretzel. You have to get the pig wings. I guess you can call them the daniel stern take on wings. They are not spicy hot, but rather bbq flavor. The "wings" are basically pieces of pork fried.

The Stern take on scrapple is supposed to be really good, but we didn't have.

I had the burger, which was quite good. The burger at Village Whiskey is much better, but you definitely will not be disappointed. The roll was good and the burger was cooked perfectly. I would have another any time. The MA fries were good, but not the best. Above average for sure.

Kristy had the bean and potato salad. She labeled it ok. I think it was more poor selection than the salad not being good. The "salad" was more bean than salad and potato and the vinaigrette was not her style. That said, the couple next to us had the beet salad and that didnt look to good. So maybe stay away from the salad and stick to the real food.

The beer selection was excellent although I am tiring of every place having all the standard local brews (yards, sly fox, etc). Don't get me wrong I like all those beers, but could use a bit more variety. They did have Lionshead, which is rare. Good cheap beer.

Verdict. It is a place worth checking out. I am not itching to go back especially considering the location. It is isolated, hard to get a cab and not much else to do. I would certainly go more if it was in the neighborhood like Pub & Kitchen (a comparable place). MidAtlantic is certainly not Gayle, but it is a different type of place.

I'd go for the apps, beer, atmosphere and a quality tap room meal. And tell Stern to serve the Breakfast dessert!

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Unknown said...

Work at Penn, so I have been there a bunch of times - its isolated for sure, and the service is either good or ignores you, even when they are standing around with nothing to do. The Pig Wings are awesome, the corned beef special sandwich is quite yummy, the horseradish dip with the very few pretzel things is addictive, but must you really charge me $2 for a reasonable amt of pretzel chips. The happy hour with $5 drinks and snacks is worthy - the fish house punch and root beer are both commendable! I have seen Daniel Stern in there almost every time I have been - so its a bit sad that he does not seem to kick start the sketchy service..