December 13, 2009

Iron Chef at Reading Terminal Market

Took the day off on Friday and noticed that the Reading Terminal Market was having a iron chef type competition with some local chefs. The key ingredient was radicchio di treviso, a special variety of radicchio from Italy. The chefs included:

1. Luciano Spruno: Le Virtu
2. Nunzio Patruno: Nunzio Ristorante Rustico
3. Andrea Luca Rossi: Cichetteria 19 (on twitter @Cichetteria19)

As far as I could tell all the chefs were from Venice or nearby. Chef Rossi was definitely from Venice.

It was a nice attempt at an iron chef type competition, but was more an avenue to highlight that the local producer was offering the special variety of radicchio. We were able to stand in front of each chef so could see the cooking up close. We were not able to taste the food, only the judges.

The winner for best recipe was Andrea Luca Rossi. I don't recall what he made, but I know he made a risotto, a polenta and scallops.

My highlight was a short conversation with Chef Rossi. He was quite excited about his upcoming Cichetteria 19, which is set to open on Feb. 3 and is modeled after a traditionalVenetian cafe. I enjoyed them when in Venice and hope my fellow Philadelphians appreciate his efforts. He did say they will be offering spritz so I will be sure to stop by on occasion.

I've never been to other restaurants so looking forward to trying. Some pics of the event below.

Poster of the event

This is Andrea Luca Rossi being interviewed by Lynn Adkins of KYW

Nunzio Patruno of Nunzio Ristorante Rustico

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