October 18, 2009

Meme not for me

Bradd said it best to me this weekend. Sometimes one bad (really bad) thing about your service can make you completely forget what you even ate.

And now our review of Meme.

I don't remember what I ate. Granted it was a little while ago but I just looked at the menu online and *think* I had the scallops but I'm still not sure. Anyway let me rewind and be my normal positive self first... I love the style of little restaurants like Meme that sit on a neighborhood corner, have tiny tables close together, lots of floor-to-ceiling windows so you can feel like you're a part of the hustle of Philadelphia, and outdoor tables. It's why we'd been anxious to hit up Meme, and I still really want try Audrey Claire. Only thing holding me back from both was that we are not super huge fans of these tiny 5 "small plates", 5 "large plates" menus. I often think about going to Audrey Claire but then look at the menu online and am not sure what I would eat. Sure once I got there, I'd get inspired. Anyway....

It was a Friday night about 6:30. We walk up to Meme, seeing ONE table occupied by four old ladies (on giant chair pads, it was too funny), and figure no problem, plenty of room for us. So we walk in and innocently ask for a table for two when the host (it was a guy but didn't get a name) proceeds to huff, puff, look around, sigh and respond with, "well, if you can be done by 8, I guess I can seat you."

Excuuuuuuuuse me? Dude. There is NO ONE IN YOUR RESTAURANT save for some little ol' ladies already almost finished with their really expensive early bird special! Sorry to be SUCH an inconvenience for you, but just freakin' sit us down. We eat fast, I promise.

We sat at the table and debated walking out for a while, but then just stayed. Again, not sure what I ate but I do know it was two "small plates" because none of the "large plates" looked very appetizing. And I remember that the bill was way more expensive than it really should have been considering how much we actually ate.

A little wine helped the situation, but it didn't mask the fact that every time our waitress came over, I had a straight view into her white shirt to see her lovely undergarments. (Ladies, please take note. Space often forms between the buttons of our button-down shirts, through which innocent people, especially those sitting at eye-level to your boobs such as restaurant patrons, can see straight through to your bra. The solution is called a camisole. They have every color at H&M for like $7.)

Bradd immediately jumped on Twitter to explain our dissatisfaction with the host's attitude, in 140 characters or less. To date, we have not recommended it to anyone, actually citing the price more than the way we were treated. I think the food is probably pretty good, but for people like us you can get just as good a taste, in bigger portions, for cheaper prices, at many other Philly restaurants.

We took the high road, didn't complain about a thing, signed the overly-expensive bill and left. But at least we were out long before 8pm. Oh and by then? The place was still half empty.

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