October 20, 2009

10 Most Popular Cupcake Flavors

Who doesn't love cupcakes? Even Bradd ate one this weekend, and he's "not a dessert guy." But those cupcakes were from Magnolia's in NYC, which I have recently learned is total cupcake heaven.

More proof: even though many restaurants had to shut down due to the U.S. economic downturn, business in specialty cupcake shops is supposedly booming.

According to TLC, here are the 10 most popular flavors of cupcakes. I was a little surprised, although I am not sure if there was any methodology to this picking this list. For 9 months out of the year, I would bet most people would pick a vanilla cupcake over pumpkin. You can find out more on why this is the order of preference in their post.

10. Vanilla (what Bradd would pick)
9. Pumpkin
8. Banana
7. Coffee
6. Chocolate (really? 6th??)
5. Lemon
4. Peanut Butter
3. Carrot Cake (my personal fav when in the mood for "something different")
2. Red Velvet
1. Chocolate AND Vanilla (ohhhh ok, didn't know this was an option)

Oooooo now I'm hungry.

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