September 23, 2009

Review of Brauhaus Schmitz

Brauhaus Schmitz was a recent visit. We were excited to try it out after hearing about the launch many months ago and several reviews in newspapers and from friends. We waited many weeks for the right timing where we could get a bunch of friends together and aim to mimic a german beer garden. We've never been to one so this was viewed as start until the real thing.

maybe it was the high expectations, but I was disappointed. First, the layout is not right and no benches. Let me repeat that no benches. Isnt that supposed to be a feature of beer gardens. it really seemed like a normal american bar with girls dressed up in the german skirts and german things hanging on the walls. I was also surprised that the beer is served in smaller pint sizes. we had to ask about the getting big steins (basically double the price on the menu and you get a stein). I say make steins standard and you can half it if you want, not the other way around.

The food was ok. I was not expecting anything special though. I got the Wurstplatte (different types of bratwurst) and it was good, but I could have used some bread. maybe that is not the german way though. kristy got the standard bratwurst and it was a ton of bratwust. it must have been nearly two feet. if i ate it all i would have thrown up.. again, maybe some bread on the side. other people got some sandwiches, which seemed ok. I didnt go for the food though. I wanted steins, benches, etc.

Brauhaus Schmitz does have an outstanding selection of german beers. It is worth stopping by for one drink to check it out especially if you like to try new beers. And the side dish of bread was good.

I'd go back to give it one more shot, but dont have high hopes. Felt like a half attempt at a german beer garden when it is really just a bar that sells german beer and german food. If only they woudl get some benches, mix some groups together, start some conversation, etc. This is not the place if you want to start a beer hall putsch. They have big plans for Oktoberfest so might be worth checking out. I dont think it will match the oktoberfest that was held on sansom street though.

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