September 21, 2009

The Return Part Three.

As we mentioned earlier today, we have returned to blogging yet again. I think we say this every six months, but hopefully this is the last time. We are going to expand the scope of the blog a bit since we do not go out to eat everyday. In fact, we cook all the time. Why not mention what we cook too right?

This coincides nicely with some changes we hope to make after spending the summer reading about food, how it is produced, the food system, what we eat, how we eat, etc. Mucho kudos to Michael Pollan and his excellent books, The Omnivore's Dilemma and In Defense of Food. I urge you to read them. You will hear more about this going forward and our goal is to incorporate some of his ideas into our daily life. We don't claim to be revolutionaries, but hopefully an inside look will help and encourage others.

We will still focus on the 22nd & Philly style of restaurant reviews and also update on all things Philly. Stay tuned for reviews of Honey's Sit nEat. Dimitri's, Amada, Effie's, Brauhaus Schmitz, Meme, Parc, Seafood Unlimited, Q BBQ & Tequila, Max Brenner's, Ladder 15, and others. That's right we have still been out and about.

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