January 11, 2009

Pub and Kitchen

I am a little sketchy on when we went to Pub and Kitchen, but I think sometime in November. I really enjoyed this place. it was crowded, but we only had to wait 2o minutes. We did go with another couple and I would suggest others do the same. It had a nice beer list and I chose old speckled hen, which was awesome. I also ordered the burger since I heard that it was good. I felt the burger was ok and couldnt pinpoint what was missing. Don't get me wrong it was good, but I've had better.

Kristy had fish and chips. She felt they were ok, but didnt seem crisp and were small. I think there was something amiss in the kitchen most likly due to being crowded.

All in all the food was good or at least that is everyone said. It is not a normal pub type fare, but a bit pricier and fancier. I dont see a menu on the web site, but other items we had included mussels, cheese, olives, chicken.

I did have a friend say that he watched the Phillies world series games here. I only saw one TV downstairs, but did not go upstairs. Unless there are more TV I would not go here to watch a game. It is not a godo spot to watch sports.

My verdict. This is great place to have a few drinks with friends over some good food. I will go again.

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