January 20, 2009


Phew! sorry for the major delay in our posts! Trying to get back at this cause I enjoy it, and I want to be able to Twitter about it :-)

HAVE to write about our experience at Gayle a few months ago. In two and a half years of living in Philly, it was, hands down, the best meal we have ever had. It's a tiny spot run by Daniel Stern off South Street on 3rd. I'd recommend getting reservations. One of my favorite things during our visit was that Daniel Stern actually came out of the kitchen and talked to us for a while. It wasn't crowded that night but still, a nice gesture, and he seemed like a nice guy.

On to the food... the menu changes often and is posted on the website, but don't let it fool you. When we went, I got Shepard's Pie and Bradd got "Pork n' Beans." Well, erase all thoughts that come to mind when you hear these dishes. Mine was an absolutely perfect small filet, with a thing on the side that was a hunk of mashed potato, vegetables, and beef wrapped in a perfectly crispy round of bacon. It's hard to do it justice but it was great. Bradd's Pork n' Beans was a dish of 4-5 different types/styles of pork and the greatest green beans I have ever tasted. So, moral is, call the waitress over and ask her to describe anything on the menu you are curious about cause THAT will determine what you get. Don't assume anything.

They are known for the Risotto Fingers appetizer, which was great. The mac n' cheese side was excellent too. And then for dessert, trust me - GET THE "BREAKFAST". It's like french toast and ice cream and complete heaven. Sounds weird but its sooooooooooo good.

That's my summary. Its hard to explain really what all the dishes were so just ask. I have faith that everything there must be great and I can't wait to go back!

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Anonymous said...

I want to go here. I didn't realize they change there menu every week. Sounds good!