June 10, 2008

Prime Rib

We went to The Prime Rib at the Warwick Hotel tonight for a wine tasting through the Philadelphia Wine School. $25 for 4 wines and two little dishes that they were paired with. And by little dishes I mean two clams casino shells and three kobe beef mini hot dogs. Very tasty food and wine (got me in the mood for some blush this summer). It's definitely a ploy to get you to come back and eat there, but worth it for a fun night out and something different. Apparently Prime Rib does a special every Sunday though that's $33 for three course meal plus half price bottles of wine - Bradd and I will definitely go back for that! Others at our table tonight said its a steal. I am sure their entrees are delicious!

We went to eat more food at Tavern 17 after that. Just got some sliders which were pretty dry, and service wasn't great. But still a neat atmosphere, especially if its a nice night and they have all the front windows open.

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Jen said...

Can't wait to hear about your "experience" with the Fuel House... getting so close!