December 7, 2015

Five Dollars Will Buy You One of the Best Burgers in Philadelphia

America's burger craze has shifted from the $15+ luxury burger to the reasonably priced, roadside snack that could rival any fancier competitor on quality. While the best of the best still require visits to restaurants like REX 1516, Village Whiskey or Pub & Kitchen, it's now just as easy to grab a quick, affordable burger to meet our needs. Call it the Shake Shack effect.

The famous $5 Fountain Porter burger
For our cheap dollar, the best of the bunch is at Fountain Porter in South Philly. The no-thrills corner bar just off East Passyunk Ave. serves up a $5 patty with cheese, lettuce and tomato on a potato bun. That's it.

The minimalist Fountain Porter burger, perhaps the best of its class in Philadelphia, is cooked to absolute perfection - crispy on the outside, pink on the inside with juice oozing out to coat the bun. You can knock 'em back like White Castle (without the undesired after shock).

Before arriving at Fountain Porter, we thought the burger was the only thing on the menu. You can actually get a variety of pickled items, cured meats and cheeses as well, but the burger is the star of the show. I wish the fries were a bit crispier, but they were still quite good for the price. The spicy pickles were a nice snack, too.

Fountain Porter also has one of the best beer selections around. It's really the perfect spot for a quality brew with an affordable burger, even if you buy two!

*Kid friendly? Not ideal, but with an adventurous spirit you can sit in the back and make do. You'll need to get there early before the crowds roll in. At 5 p.m. on a Saturday, we were glad to see another tiny table with two toddlers. It was loud enough inside that any noise they or our little guy made was drowned out, but if your child doesn't do well with noise, then Fountain Porter isn't the best option for you.

Inside shot! Pretty simple but delicious.

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