October 19, 2015

The 2nd Best Thing at Pizzeria Vetri is Still Not Pizza

Last year we wrote about Pizzeria Vetri and told everyone that the best thing to eat there isn't even pizza. It's the rotolo. Turns out the second best thing is still not pizza, but the calzone. 

The calzone didn't cross our eating radars until we dined at the kitchen counter at the new Center City location on Chancellor Street. The secret must be out, as the pizza creators were busy making calzones one after another. After spending an hour drooling, we knew the calzone was on our hit list. 

The prosciutto cotto and ricotta stuffed, folded pizza is a mouthwatering delight of tastiness. Vetri's light and slightly sweet pizza dough somehow tastes even better as a calzone than pizza. 

While the pizza is certainly some of the best in the city, trust us and go try the calzone. Of course, get a rotolo on the side and the daily thick crust (the third best thing!). 

*Kid-Friendly? Absolutely, especially the new location. It's down the street from our day care and has become the perfect spot for a bite and beer. There is plenty of room inside for your stroller. 

Two warnings though, First, the bathroom did not have a changing table. Second, be careful when you sit outside - the pizza oven vent is up above and at times can be unbearable. Kids or no kids, I'd suggest sitting just inside near the window to avoid the fumes. Awful. 

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