July 4, 2015

Sidecar Delivers Sandwich Quest Hit with Beer Can Chicken

Sidecar has been a Graduate Hospital favorite for as long as we've lived in the neighborhood. With a lengthy, rotating beer list and a simple, straightforward food menu, it's easy to understand why.

The menu was completely revamped last June to focus primarily on double-stacked burgers, a move we initially found perplexing since you can get a great burger at so many places today. We've since grown to accept the change with some help from Sidecar's neighborhood-friendly decision to keep several other go-to crowd pleasers on the menu, such as the BBQ pulled pork and the clam chowder that was featured on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives in 2013.

An overlooked gem, though, is Sidecar's beer can chicken sandwich.

The two-hands-required sandwich is unlike most of the pulled chicken I've had over the years. Rather than being dried out, the chicken is done right, with the juices and rich flavor of chicken plus beer shining throughout. Sharp provolone is also expertly mixed with onions throughout the sandwich, while long hots on top of the Goldilocks variety (not too hot, not too bland).

The surprising kicker was the snowflake bun, which I don't recall having before. Light and airy with a hint of chewiness, it does a great job holding the sandwich together, while soaking in the juices.

The result is an instant Sandwich Quest favorite.

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