July 13, 2014

What We're Drinking: The Derringer at Rival Bros.

Need a caffeine kick that is: 1) not a regular cup of coffee, 2) more than a simple shot of espresso and 3) comes without the overwhelming milkiness of a latte or cappuccino?

The folks at Rival Bros. have just the solution – the Derringer, a take on the ever-popular cortado

The cortado is typically 4 oz of equal parts espresso and steamed milk that ends up being a cross between a macchiato and a cappuccino. The Derringer twist upps the milk just a bit to a ratio of 2:2.5 (maybe 3 according to the barista).

I find it to be the perfect little drink to pack in a needed caffeine kick without giving me the shakes. A touch of milk also tames the bite of the espresso (cortado is Spanish for cut) without diminishing the flavor.

Get yourself over to Rival Bros. coffee shop at 24th & Lombard and jump on the Derringer wagon. I've probably had it the last ten Friday mornings in a row.

Rival Bros. blends can also be purchased at a number of retail stores and sipped in restaurants throughout Philadelphia region.

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