January 24, 2014

Photos of the Week: Two Food Truck Favorites for Winter Weather

We love food trucks, period. But God bless the people who keep their trucks running all winter long. It's COLD out there! We've read about all sorts of truck breakdowns on Twitter this season and don't envy anyone who has to spend hours cooking out of a tiny mobile hut. 

In honor of those efforts, here are a few recent, cold-weather food truck favorites. 

Macaroni and cheese ON pulled pork ON a giant sandwich. Holy crap, this was good. Not only was it good, but it was constructed and wrapped by the owner of Phoebe's BBQ with the most impressive precision, so that not a single noodle nor sliver of meat came loose during transport back to the office. The mac was just the right amount of creamy and the barbecue sauce had just the right amount of punch. Admittedly, I ate this with a fork because it's obviously quite sizable and I didn't need the extra carbs. But it made my day nonetheless. Follow @PhoebesBBQ for truck location and tweets from its South Street storefront.

Another hit from last week... sweet & sour fried chicken tacos from Taco Mondo, ordered with a chicken and cheese empanada on the side. My initial visit to the Taco Mondo truck didn't leave me impressed with their basic pork tacos, but that was during it's first few weeks of business. Fast forward to today, and these guys were something special. The scallion, pickled veggies and sesame seeds on top balanced out the tangy, slightly hot sauce over fried dark meat, with more sauce hidden underneath. The empanada was still crispy after a 10 minute walk, with a hearty portion of chicken/melted cheese enclosed and tasty dipping sauce on the side. Follow @TacoMondo for its location.

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