November 25, 2013

Warm Up with a Lobster Grilled Cheese

If you're searching for a quick taste of summer now that we've got sub-freezing temps out there, you're in Luke. I mean luck.

As part of its winter menu, Luke’s Lobster is offering a lobster grilled cheese sandwich. Lobster sandwich options are generally harder to find so it’s a nice change of pace for a quick bite.

The healthy dose of lobster, packed between slices of white bread, makes it more of a lobster sandwich than grilled cheese.

The bread was toasted nicely and the melted gruyere cheese blended well with the lobster. Perhaps adding a bit more flavor, such as the optional chipotle mayo, would have taken this sandwich up a notch in Sandwich Quest.

Instead the overall is result is a good, not amazing sandwich. At $12, it’s not cheap either, but lobster never is. For an extra $3 you can get one of their specialty Maine Root sodas and a bag of chips.

Stay warm!

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