October 25, 2013

Photos of the Week: Vietnamese Dinner at Nam Phuong

TGIF! We just hit up Nam Phuong in South Philly for the first time. It was the perfect spot for dinner after an early movie. Mind you, the place was packed at 6:45pm on a Saturday night. Must be good, right?

As relative newbies to pho and other Vietnamese dishes, we're trying to make the rounds on Washington Ave to see what we like best, especially as the weather gets cooler and pho really hits the spot. Nam Phuong is definitely on the recommended list now. Here are some highlights.

Vietnamese crepe, recommended by friends as an appetizer. Pork, shrimp, rice, veggies and other deliciousness inside.

Ahhhh pho. Pho Tai Nam with flank steak. This broth was the best and richest flavor of the night.

Bun Thit Nuong, or vermicelli and grilled pork, served room temperature. The meat was also outstanding.

Lemongrass curry coconut chicken, served with a ton of onions, broccoli and peanuts on top. Least fav but still tasty.

Best part of the night. $31 for a feast!

Nam Phuong on Urbanspoon

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Jim Miller said...

excellent soup here, and the first place that I would head to if I had a cold.