June 27, 2013

Food Truck Reviews from The Porch: MacMart and Jimmies Cupcakes

Here comes our first post in this week's quick n' dirty series on the food trucks we've tried lately at The Porch at 30th Street and other locations. Why not start with two of the world's greatest foods? Mac n' cheese and cupcakes.

Photo from http://midtownlunch.com/philadelphia/

What's more fun than a mac n' cheese truck? She's gotten a lot of buzz since launching this winter, deservedly so. I loved the BBQ Mac with BBQ chicken chunks, smokey BBQ drizzle and cornbread crumble on top. Sorry, no photo because I was balancing too much stuff and couldn't risk spilling on a dry clean only work outfit. But trust me, it looks and tastes great.

MacMart rotates a bunch of mac creations, offers a hot dog with mac on top (omg) during certain seasons or lets you create your own. Bowls comes in three sizes - small ($6), medium ($8) and large ($10). I had trouble finishing the medium
 so don't let your love for mac overpower the size of
your stomach. It's filling. Twitter: @MacMartCart

Jimmies Cupcakes 

There are several great cupcake trucks roaming around and Jimmies is one of them, serving fresh, moist cake topped with delicious icing in creative flavor combos. The little gem to the left has an Oreo hidden under the icing, too. Scrumptious!

Each cupcake is $3.00. We had a ton of them at work one day and everyone raved about them - especially the peanut butter. Give them a try for a sweet treat after lunch. Twitter: @JimmiesCupcakes

What have been your favorite food trucks so far this year? Refer back to our previous post on The Porch at 30th Street for the schedule of trucks through September... It's also listed online or you can follow The Porch on Twitter and Facebook. MacMart and Jimmies will be back. Make the trip there one Wednesday or Friday, it's worth it.

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