June 7, 2013

The Better Show Features Philly Food... and Us!

Check it out! This morning we appeared on The Better Show as part of a segment on Philadelphia's awesome food. Lesley Nagy and The Better Show came to the Italian Market Festival in May to try out Paesano's sandwiches, Isgro's pastries and more great food. We got to try Paesano's new Italian Hot Dog with delicious roasted peppers, onions and more good stuff on top, as well as a famous Isgro's cannoli. Watch the segment for Peter McAndrews' quick demo on how they make the Italian Hot Dog and our review of the cannolis.

The show also tested out how messy some of Philly's great sandwiches can be, and along with sponsor Mohawk SmartStrand showed how easy it can be to clean up the mess off their carpets. 

Our piece is about 2:15 into the segment but check out the whole thing for a great review of the Italian Market and Philly food. What do you think, should we launch a TV career?? ;-)

More about The Better Show at http://better.tv.


Emily {Her Philly} said...

You guys were great! That video made me SO HUNGRY! Yum.


A and J said...

Loved it! Professional TV food bloggers- I could see it. PS how amazing was the sandwich..??