December 7, 2011

Hot Chocolate Wars: Cafe Lutecia and Milkboy Philly

My ongoing taste test of hot chocolate throughout Philadelphia brought me to two new spots recently: Cafe Lutecia and Milkboy Philly.

Milkboy and Cafe Lutecia's hot chocolates both offer pleasing flavor - not over chocolatey or too thick to drink. Neither was lukewarm (my pet peeve with cafes) but both were still not quite hot enough for me. They are a fraction of the price of novelty shop RIM Cafe, but I would just ask the waiter to make sure your drink is nice and hot. And skip the whipped cream because I'm convinced that lowers the temperature. Plus, who needs those calories?

At Milkboy, I also recommend picking at the giant bowl of mixed spiced nuts for just a few dollars while you sit at their coffee/alcohol bar. Can't comment on the rest of their food because I haven't had it yet, but I like the overall chill vibe of the cafe/bar/music joint. Here's Midtown Lunch's review of other Milkboy food menu items.

Milkboy is located at 11th and Chestnut, so it's an easy place to stop in for a drink or a bite at any time of day. It's probably one of the few spots you can get a hot chocolate while your friend or significant other gets a beer.

Hot chocolate at Milkboy
Spiced Nuts at Milkboy
Coffee and cocoa at Cafe Lutecia

Cafe Lutecia is a cute little french cafe at 23rd and Lombard. It's frequently packed inside and out during brunch/lunch. It's not open in the evenings. I always assumed the crowd was neighborhood folks, but have heard recently of people who come in regularly from the 'burbs just for the food. We enjoy their soups and quiches (three specials per day!). It's also a good place to swing in and pick up a bagel or fresh croissant on your way to work, catch up on the latest French magazine or momentarily transport yourself to Paris when regulars strike up a conversation en Francais.

If you want to get out of your neighborhood for a bit, Cafe Lutecia is worth a bike ride or long walk, both for its food/drinks and a stroll around the quaint Fitler Square.
Where else should I try the hot chocolate this winter? (I know, I know, Golasa is on my list...)


brian said...

the milkboy chocolate looks great!

Cafe Cookies said...

Spiced nuts at milkboy looking awesome and very nice...

Lavonne said...

All looks so decadent and yummy!!

The Cozy Herbivore said...

I really enjoy your dedication to hot chocolates around the city! That Milkboy hot cocoa looks divine, I can't wait to try it!

Okay, full disclosure-- I work there-- but you should really try the hot chocolates at the Franklin Fountain. We do both an American-style cocoa and a European drinking chocolate with a housemade (by me!) marshmallow. I think they're pretty dope. :)

Kristy said...

Wow, never would have thought about Franklin Fountain for hot chocolate. thanks for the suggestion!